alternative ways to water your garden


Cultivating vegetables & attracting bees to our gardens’ with beautiful blooms is wonderful. But, at some point you become aware of the regular need for watering.
Water is forever more precious. This year in Italy, the scarce winter rains and snowfalls had people hoping for a rainy spring, which unfortunately never came.

January-May period was the driest since the 1950s for Italy.Silvia Turci, Icona Clima (Translated to English)

The evidence of water shortage is there for all to see. Lake Bracciano, the largest water reserve for Rome, is drying up, with the level falling 4mm a day. Now there is talk of water rationing; incredible this hasn’t been put into action already.

Since early spring I’ve been looking for ways to irrigate my plants using less water.

Here are the solutions I’m trying out.

  • Ollas

    “Use of low-fired, clay ceramic vessels (ollas) is an ancient technique for the efficient irrigation of crops. First, in use in China and North Africa more than 4,000 years ago, the technique has spread throughout arid regions of the world.” Melissa Kruse-Peeples, wateruseitwisely.com